The Final 1 – Farisha Ishak: Aligned (Music Video)

Wardrobe Styling, Hair and Makeup: Phoebe Pong
Production: Critica

5.30am call time wasn’t so dreadful, especially after I got to witness the ‘first light’ at around 7am. It lit up everything so beautifully – made my work a little easier too.

Farisha was such a sweet and funky young lady. I’m really glad to have had this opportunity to work with her. The production team was super efficient too, I had a great time hanging out with them.

So here’s how we made magic that day…

Farisha Ishak Aligned 2Farisha Ishak Aligned 1 Farisha Ishak Aligned 4Farisha Ishak Aligned 3 Farisha Ishak Aligned 6Farisha Ishak Aligned 5 Farisha Ishak Aligned 8 Farisha Ishak Aligned 7Farisha Ishak Aligned 9 Farisha Ishak Aligned 12 Farisha Ishak Aligned 11 Farisha Ishak Aligned 10

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