About Me

Hi there! I’m Phoebe, a makeup artist and wardrobe stylist in Singapore.

As a child, I’ve always loved art and saw the world as a colourful masterpiece. Becoming some sort of an artist was my childhood dream.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, I dived into the corporate world as a marketing executive. While the job was fun and challenging, a part of me was left unexcited.

So, on a whim, I decided to enrol for a professional makeup course at Make Up For Ever Academy – and that sparked off a series of very fortunate events and happenings, and about a whirlwind later – I’m now a full time makeup artist and wardrobe stylist.

Five years on, I often look back at my journey and feel extremely thrilled with the work I’ve done, people I’ve met, and things I’ve seen.

I spend my free time baking and then enticing my friends to model the desserts, which you’ll see in Food Inspiration. Yes, they get to keep the desserts.

It’s important for me to stay inspired for the work I do, so sometimes you might catch my face buried in a book while commuting to the next job, or while waiting for the models to come by.

St Thomas Aquinas, one of the authors I really admire, is a brilliant thinker and philosopher from the 13th century. He once said “the things that we love tell us what we are”.

And so today, I’m delighted to be some sort of an artist because that’s what I’ve always wanted to be – and that’s what I am.

For queries or bookings, write to me at pongphoebe@gmail.com or leave a comment.

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